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SimCity 5 Crack

SimCity 5 is really a reboot of  the SimCity series ( city building computer game) produced by Maxis and published by Electronic Arts. Released for Windows in March 2013.

Players can make a settlement that may grow into a city by zoning land for industrial, commercial or residential development, as well building and looking after transport, public services and utilities. SimCity 5 make use of a brand new GlassBox engine allowing  visible modules or addons to a citys structures.

Every individual Sim has their unique job, personality, education, life span, etc. Like other facets of the game, crime can also be more detailed. When a Sim commits arson, the player will hear a gasoline being poured and a match being lit, too as panicked Sims running from the building, some of them on fire.


Game Features:

  • Players can trade on the global trade market.
  • Players can specialize in six main categories: Drilling, Mining, Trade, Gambling, Culture and Electronics.
  • Size of the maps is 2x2km.
  • Multiplayer is supported and is provided as invite only or public join.
  • 10 commodities are available in the game: ore, oil, metal, plastic, fuel, computer, processors, TV, coal and alloy.
  • Transportation options includes: such as boats, buses, trams and planes.
  • Addition of streetcars, dirt roads, and free-form roads.
  • Absence of subways, agriculture, terraforming.
  • Zoning density is no longer controlled by zoning, instead it is now controlled by the road type.
  • Much more


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